28 / Jun / 2017


Festive 4th of July Outfits That Bring the Fashion Fireworks

The most patriotic day of the entire American year — and a sweet, sweet long weekend — is nigh. While we shamelessly indulge in our favorite American pastimes (cheeseburgers, light beer, gratuitous explosions), it’s basically mandated that we wear red, white and blue. But that doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun with our 4th of July outfits.

We get it. Not everyone feels comfortable donning stripes and stars. (Personally, we believe flag-printed shorts should be outlawed.) Generally speaking, we like our Old Glory references loose and nearly indecipherable (much like our sitting president’s Twitter rants).

Still, whether you’re celebrating our wacky and wonderful country’s birth by slow roasting on a beach, kicking it in a backyard with friends or sipping bourbon-based cocktails at some swanky rooftop bar, chances are that, as a human, you want to look good and, as an American, you want to at the very least nod at the day’s theme.

Searching for inspiration? Look no further than the slideshow above. In it, 15 of our favorite Instagram stalks model 4th of July outfits you’ll want to wear all summer long.